Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Difference Between Restricted And Unavailable Calls What Is The Difference Between A Restricted Call And An Unavailable Call On My Cell Phone?

What is the difference between a restricted call and an unavailable call on my cell phone? - difference between restricted and unavailable calls

I still can not call on my cell phone, but when I answer the caller hangs up. When I mentioned push * 67 Cal, and my phone number to be limited, so you can make a phone call is not available? I wonder, because I was crazy from the starting point of stalking me .... there is a way to know if it? Thank you all!


Sara B said...

You may need to contact your ISP and ask, but the best of my knowledge:

"If someone actively and intentionally" locked "your number from you. This can happen when someone calls in a protected network limit by telephone (some authorities to their numbers, so that people can not return) in any name or give different numbers. This also happens if you * 67 or the telephone company "have the" lock your number in the caller ID.

Not available
- If the caller is the phone call, however, that your phone can get the number of companies. This may be the case (depending on the network) for international calls, calls with a phone card, or that some calls are routed through the switching systems (hospitals, dormitories, etc..)

When calling it a matter of personal security must be able to your phone company and ask for the number, or tell them not to allow "restricted" or "not available" calls, or see if you can Eith RoomER call type when you go into the future.

Savannah said...

available is often a public phone or a company that is not on the list. Restriced is when someone has the limited number of you or unlisted number. strange that the blocks that you call when response. Could a great ex call from a phone booth? Please call the operator and ask them to follow the call that the person harassed think it will it will cost a few dollars or less, but worth it to see who bothers! Good luck!

Clauskii said...

Limited, if someone tries to call prank.
Usually not available if the number is actually available and do not want to remember or her phone number. Perhaps the call from the state will not and can not read the numbers.

kelsey said...

In order to know who called you:

Call the police or 911
But here, find information and ask the police
and then ask what was called the last number and I'll say.

haha good luck with that crazy X;]

joeyjo79 said...

restricketd is when someone blocks it. Allowance is, if the call cal of a number, the number has not come back. as collectors, telemarketing, or people from outside the state or country. or persons with telephone cards.

Life=Ans... said...

Restricted: the caller does not purposly blocked number. And unknown or not available due to its collection or outside the country. Hope this helps. There is no way calls that are not available, only the restriction of the use * 67

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